Draught busting Workshop

This workshop was a joint venture between TT Energy group, No 28 and Warm Up North and held on Saturday 18 October. 4 people attended, all residents of the east end or town centre. We started off at No 28 with a discussion on top tips for reducing draughts whilst waiting for the trainer to arrive. Once the trainer had arrived we then moved onto one of the attendee’s home and the trainer used the draught busting demonstration kit (provided by the Centre for Sustainable Energy) to explain how to use each item, with some tricks of the trade thrown in, as well as improve the homeowner’s draughty kitchen window. Although things didn’t go quite according to plan all the participants enjoyed the workshop and found it useful. They were also pleased with the money off voucher kindly provided by Homebase. Lastly, we have identified a host for the next one.

On a sour note, we were rather badly let down by Warm Up North at the last minute, as they were supposed to be providing £20 worth of free insulation products per attendee. On the day before the workshop WUN said they weren’t going to provide the resources. Luckily, after a last minute visit to the store, Homebase agreed to offer all workshop attendees a voucher for 20% off all insulation products. WUN hadn’t briefed the trainer properly either and he turned up 30 mins late expecting to insulate a house rather than run a workshop. Once he had arrived he was excellent. Next time we’ll cut out WUN and just deal with the trainer direct!

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