Woolly Walls!

Hi, I’m Kate and this is my first post!

We have undergone a living room transformation! We live in a semi-detached house with an East/West aspect. We wanted to make our cold living room a lot warmer by insulating the exterior two walls with 100mm of sheep’s wool. We’ll see this Winter if we have succeeded! We have already felt the benefit of insulating the outside bedroom walls upstairs.

First Stage:

Jayme put a wooden frame and batons up across two walls.

Second Stage:

Sheep’s wool from The Wool Insulation Company is wedged in-between the wooden batons.


Third Stage:

The plastic vapour barrier was stapled on.DSCN3401
In other houses it was glued on to wood to ensure it is sealed properly but we couldn’t find the right stuff…

Stage Four
‘Pink Grip’ sealant tubes and black tape was used to plug any tiny gaps and finish sealing theDSCN3403 insulationDSCN3402 in.

Stage Five

Silver foil backed plaster board was nailed on.DSCN3406
Stage Six
Jayme applied a filler down the joints and on top of the nails fixing the plasterboard to the DSCN3417wooden batons.
He then sanded the areas smooth.
The walls were then painted.

Stage Seven
Jayme cutting up radiator panel.DSCN3452

‘Heatkeeper’ energy saving radiator panel was fixed to the wall and the radiator replaced


Phew! Last Stage….DSCN3688

Finished, warm and tidy!! living room!

This insulation has only reduced our living room area by 100mm depth on the two outside walls.

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