Courant Letter

Here is a letter I hope to get published.

In response to Hexham Courant Letters 26th September I wish to reply to “Brilliant Proposal” by John Martin and “Elaborate Fictions” by M.B Lewis.

Why don’t Stop Fourstones AD Campaign start a community energy scheme to make the community richer and protect the environment instead of putting all their “energy” into opposing this scheme.

Energy supply is taken as a right, re-newables have to be included increasingly in the mix.

Anaerobic digestion is a tested and tried renewable energy source. Does M.B. Lewis realise that Coal and Gas fired power stations are subsidised by the government and we pay via our tax or by increasing the National Debt. Anaerobic digestion is better on the CO2 emissions because it comes from biomass, this type of fuel, therefore is carbon neutral and does not contribute to climate change. The same slurry spread on the fields releases methane into the atmosphere. If slurry and animal waste is used as fuel the methane produced is used to generate electricity. Methane is 23 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2. Therefore, harvesting and using methane from biomass can help to prevent climate change.

The resulting waste product from the anaerobic digester used as a fertiliser saves 850 kg of CO2 for every hectare over energy intensively produced artificial fertilizers for the same amount of plant food.

The smell is reduced by 90% over slurry spreading and the water table is also protected from pollution.

Of course there is the wider implications of renewable energy. The government has pledged to cut emissions by 80% by 2050. To reach this figure anaerobic digesters and solar panels will have to be rapidly expanded to meet the target. There is no room in Northumberland for many more wind farms only small wind turbines can be built but our energy security still needs to be enhanced.

This anerobic digester will help to protect the environment for all our Grandchildren.

AH! perhaps Stop Fourstones AD Campaign wants the Fracking bribe instead!!

David Grundey

Member of Transition Tynedale

One thought on “Courant Letter

  1. Hi David,
    Interesting letter and yes we would be really interested to know how to divert this from a get rich quick scheme for local “entrepreneurs” into a community energy scheme. You have missed the point that this scheme relies on energy crops for feedstock, checkout
    (although I realise he is not everyone’s cup of tea), Friends of the Earth, the Green party and Greenpeace are all against the abuse of energy crops.

    When I say “we” I would like to point out that “Stop Fourstones AD campaign” does not exist and if it does M.B.Lewis is possibly the only member.

    I/we would really like you to get involved and make some suggestions to help turn this project into something we and our grandchildren can be proud of.

    Have fun.

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