Improving the streetscape in Hexham

Priestpopple, Cattle Market and Battle Hill

The resurfacing and new while lines have certainly improved the appearance of these three key Hexham streets but we will never know just how much of a lost opportunity it was – subject to available funding of course – to really revolutionise our townscape in that part of Hexham as some of us have dreamed of for some time and as advocated and recommended by world renowned Streetscape specialist Ben Hamilton-Baillie. I earnestly hope the opportunity isn’t lost to design a high quality sense of place into Hexham Market Place when the time comes.

20140910_164230 - Copy P1020721 - Copy

Cockermouth is taking the opportunity provided by severe flooding to regenerate and revitalise their town and make it fit for the future. We could do a lot worse than take a leaf out of their book.

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