stop-for-teaThe king looked out from his balcony on his kingdom. How nice it would be to have a new bus station he thought.

But the fool pointed out that the current station had everything his people needed! If the road passing his “mate’s” super store ,Marciano Spensorio, was just adjusted a little bit with the road cutting through to the old bus station. Well then everything could be done for nearly nothing. The people thought with all the other expenses the king had this would be a good idea.

But his officials thought maybe they could earn prestige or something by something elsewhere completely new. So guess what the old king got the bill.

Or at least his people did…they always payed eventually…and when the fool pointed this out even the King thought a bit, about not fixing what was not broken.

So he sent out the fool to stir up the locals to do a demo to tell the officials to get lost…in a round about way that is.

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