Support town centre parking for Car Club

The County Council have issued a Traffic Regulation Order that would create a dedicated space in Beaumont Street for one of the Hexham Car Club cars. This is great news and means that we would have a highly visible and accessible parking space right in the town centre. We’ve been working with the County on this for some time. Do support it by visiting

One of the cars, the Toyota Prius will remain at the electric charge point in the Wentworth car park. The Yaris will move from its temporary home at the Masonic car park. There will be winners and losers of course on the distance from home (sorry to those West End members and good news for those others!) but it was only a short term arrangement, isn’t that much further and overall the Beaumont Street space, near the statue should work well for all.

Contact Co-Wheels to find out more and have a go 01913751050. Remember to use the Transition code when you join to get free membership and some driving credit.

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