Transition Tynedale’s chance to influence how Hexham develops in the future.


It was agreed at the Wednesday meeting of TT that a 4T meeting should formulate an official Transition Tynedale response to the Hexham Vision 2020 and Town Plan 2014-2015 draft.

The meeting will be at Barbara and David’s, 5 Cockshaw, Hexham. On Wed the 11th June at 7.30.

Please read the Plan before the meeting, If you cannot make the meeting please email your comments to me.

In the last Hexham Town Meeting TT was mentioned 3 times and I used the public speaking time, I mentioned TT has started a Local Community Renewable Energy Company which is one of the aims of the Hexham Vision 2020 and Town Plan 2014-2015. Another aim of the plan is to form a Local Neighborhood Plan I highlighted the role of TT, Sustainability and Resilience in Local Neighborhood Planning.

David Grundey.


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