Safer cycling means healthier people

A survey of 15 countries has revealed that children in Scotland and England are among the least physically active in the world. The first so-called ‘global matrix’ of children’s physical activity assessed nine indicators, such as active play and active transportation.
Creating safer routes to schools would encourage more parents to allow their children to cycle to school. Reducing risk of injury on roads would provide much more pleasant towns & cities for everyone to live and move around in which in turn, would reduce risk of illness (and worse) from obesity AND improve all round quality of life.

2 thoughts on “Safer cycling means healthier people

  1. Do we know if any schools actually have bike sheds any more ? If there is nowhere to store the bikes no one will ride to school. I think bike storage racks are an essential first step in encouraging people to cycle – and not just at schools but at shops, offices, community centres etc…..Has anyone done a survey of such places in Hexham as a way of encouraging the use of cycles ?

    1. Good point Sue but safe routes must come first as cycling parking is at the end of a cycle journey. The conceptual journey starts with headmasters and staff who have to be supportive and confident routes to school are acceptably safe. Parents are equal starting points but as many parents are car-centric to the core, the best way to approach those who are so addicted is through the children who want to cycle but its important they’re not used as pawns. Hopefully pending pro cycling initiatives in train for Hexham which Hexham Town Council supports will trigger the sort of survey you refer to as more effort is applied (at long last).

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