Corbridge Solar Farm


Planning permission has been applied by the Stagshaw Estate for a 250Kw solar farm using ground mounted panels.

Link to planning documents LINK

The 2 consultants submission documents are worth the read as it touches on the national policy.

The site is half way up the Stagshaw Bank north of Corbridge behind Chantry Farm.

The statutory consultes have raised no objections except for Corbridge Parish Council.

Corbridge Parish Council wishes to object to this application on the following grounds:-

*This development is in the green belt and there are no exceptional circumstances to allow this.

*There is a heritage site close by which would be affected by the visual pollution of this


*Intrusion into the countryside.

*The only benefit would be to the Stagshaw Estate.

*No proven need.

*Access to this site is a narrow classified C road.

*A large visual impact to the area north of the village”

One other objection.

Corbridge village trust does not accept that special reasons to put a temporary structure on green belt land is a valid reason to allow the development.

In my opinion the major questions raised are:-

Should the generation of Renewable Energy be classed as a “Special Reason”.

Does the Solar Farm only benefit Stagshaw Estate.?

Is there a proven need.?

The above Questions are relevant to Transition Tynedale due to our support of the renewable energy project which may include Solar Farms.

My view is:-

The generation of renewable energy by small and medium development should be a “Special Reason” in planning law. The proven need is the I.P.C.C report and our governmental pledges on climate change.

The Stagshaw Estate gains monitory benefit but the carbon saving would benefit the larger society, (why is money the only driver?).

A small scale Solar Farm has a small “visual impact” compared to the benefits.

Our aims and objectives support renewable energy. Presenting a united front for small and medium scale renewable energy projects will support the Renewable Energy Project if an application is made in the future for a Solar Farm. Publicly supporting such schemes by ourself‘s and as an organisation would present a positive stance.


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