Two renewable projects that you can invest in.

Two different models

Halton Lune hydro project.Untitled

Halton Carbon Positive
Halton was selected in 2010 as one of twenty “test bed” communities in the UK to create a green and low carbon infrastructure that could significantly cut carbon emissions. The hydro project was awarded grant funding as part of this project. The organizations that form part of Halton Carbon are Halton Community Association, Lancaster Cohousing, LESS (Lancaster) CIC and Halton Lune Hydro Ltd.

Halton Lune Hydro will, on average, generate more than 1,000 MWh of electricity every year  This will enable CO2 savings of around 575 tons annually.

The electricity generated will be used first by Lancaster Cohousing, who now own the last remaining mill at Halton, and have also built 41 dwellings built to the highest energy saving standards, and heated by a biomass district heating system. The surplus will be exported to the grid, and will be enough to power up to 300 homes.
There are a number of ‘community hydro’ schemes in the UK that are already operating or currently being built using the same funding model as Halton Lune Hydro, including Stockport, Abingdon and New Mills in Derbyshire.

All of the profits from the hydro scheme, which over time will amount to several hundred thousand pounds, will be used for the benefit of the community in and around the Parish of Halton with Aughton.
The model is a ‘Society for the Benefit of the Community’ (IPS).

The share offer closes on the 31st March 2014.



West Solent Solar Co-oplogo
West Solent Solar Co-op has planning consent to develop a 2.4MW solar project on the south coast near Lymington. The site is a 12.6 acre field, recently restored after a decade of gravel extraction. The timetable is tight to build the project to secure the current Feed in Tariff. The offer will close by 30 April 2014 or earlier if the maximum capital sum is raised. The management committee is made up of Transition members and Quakers.

Share offer closes 30th April 2014

Its interesting that Energy4All is the management agent.
Energy4All Ltd is a non profit distributing organization dedicated to helping communities around the UK to own a stake in renewable energy schemes. Energy4All is owned by the community co-operatives it creates and is unique in the UK. It was established in 2002 by the successful Baywind Energy Co-op in Cumbria and has now set up (and administers) 8 additional co-ops.
Energy4All will provide administration and management services to West Solent Solar Co-op through a Service Agreement.
Energy4All has many more projects in the pipeline. In total more than £22million has now been raised through community share offers and the Energy4All family of co-ops has over 8,500 members in total.

For more information on Energy4All


4 thoughts on “Two renewable projects that you can invest in.

  1. Just a note to say that the Halton Lune Hydro Share Offer has been so successful, raising over £600,000 that we have extended it to try and raise the full amount we need and not rely on a bank loan. So it is still open for new investors.

  2. We have put in our “halfpennys worth” to help this project, I view it as supporting what we stand for.

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