Edible Hexham

Edible Hexham came into being after a small group of TT members paid a visit to Incredible Edible Todmorden in June last year, a visit organised by Richard Powell.
We met some amazingly enthusiastic people who had began working with vegetables, fruits and herbs as a way to engage a somewhat dispirited community following the closure of the last Mill some years previously. The story of what they have achieved can be found on their website, http://www.incredible-edible-todmorden.co.uk/, and we came away with the conviction that this is something which we could do in Hexham – not the same as Todmorden, but developing in our own way.

Sue Hick and I made a start in the autumn. TT members will know how knowledgeable Sue is and how good it is for me to work alongside her. The Incredible Edible idea is one whose hour has come, for no less a prestigious organisation than the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) is looking to see edibles included in its competition gardens. We are represented on the Hexham in Bloom committee who have welcomed the idea and we intend to have edibles planted by the Spring Judging in April.

We have identified a few small plots in Hexham to include in the scheme and a few planters in the town centre. Plots are the Goose Market, Wentworth Car Park near the Tourist Centre, and at the hospital. We will need signage to explain the idea of Edible Hexham, and to invite members of the public to help themselves to the veg, fruit and herbs when they are ready to be picked.

This is just a snapshot of plans so far, and very shortly, I will be asking for volunteers to take responsibility for just one of these planting places so that they will be watered and cared for.

As always, TT wants to involve as many new people as possible, and Edible Hexham sees itself working in partnership with Hexham in Bloom, the Town Council, the Community Partnership and most importantly, the Food Bank, so that more people can enjoy cooking with fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs.

Watch this space for further updates and opportunities to be involved.

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