Hexham Car Club launch


Hexham Community Car Club will be launched on Friday 6 December at 1.30pm in Hexham’s Wentworth car park when the first of two environmentally-friendly cars will arrive in its designated parking bay. Do come along and be part of this event: photo opportunity and a small glass of bubbly (or possibly our very own homemade apple cider) are on offer.
Transition Tynedale’s Transport Group have worked hard to deliver this initiative. And while there will continue to be arguments about the eco-friendliness (or not) of electric and hybrid cars versus traditional cars, there is no doubt that car clubs reduce the number of cars on the road, because members tend to consider other transport options (walking, cycling, using bus and train) before jumping into the car. And this is very much the reason behind TTers beginning the car club. We hope that families who join may be giving up their personal car or their 2nd car. We also know that having a car club in Hexham will be offering a service to families who cannot afford to own a car, but who occasionally would like private transport. Members of Transition Tynedale continue, of course, to champion cycling and walking, and work for improvements to cycling routes and pedestrian infrastructure – not to mention attitudes towards these more vulnerable road users.

The Hexham Car Club is a partnership between Transition Tynedale and the social enterprise car club operator Co-wheels with support from Northumberland County Council. The fuel efficient, low carbon, plug-in hybrid car will be available for car club members to book online 24/7 by the hour or longer and drive away. Members can join the car club for a one off fee of just £25.00 and are then charged through a simple payment system for the hours and mileage they use. All insurance, maintenance and other costs of keeping are car are covered by the charges.

Gillian Orrell, Chair of Transition Tynedale, said: “This shows yet again what can be achieved for the benefit of many by a few committed volunteers having good ideas and being willing and able to translate those ideas into reality. It also shows again the benefits of working in partnership with others, here with Northumberland County Council and Co-wheels. This feels like another positive step forward for Hexham and particularly great for all of us who are signing up!”

Richard Falconer of Durham based Co-wheels said “We are very excited to be launching a first-class car club for the residents and businesses in Hexham. We set up Co-wheels as an alternative to people owning their own cars. People are becoming really aware of the cost of car ownership, both financially and environmentally. The car club allows people to give up their car, but still provides easy, convenient access to a car when they need one through Co-wheels.”

Membership is open now through the Co-Wheels web site. A special promotional code, ‘transition’ gives free driving credit of £20 for new members. Representatives from Co –wheels and TT will be available from 1.30 on the 6th December in the Wentworth car park near the Tourist Information Centre with more information or visit Co-Wheels

For further information about Car Club, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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