Edible Hexham

Planning this new project is now underway with the sites of the Goose market,  Hallstile Bank, the upper end of Wentworth car park and the hospital  being considered for planting next year.

The aim is to start preparing the ground and planting next March  (weather permitting). Some beds will have fruit trees and fruit bushes, others tomatoes, courgettes, salads, runner beans , and herbs. All will be free to the good people of Hexham to pick and eat.

This idea follows on from a trip some members took to Todmorden last June.( for more information see www.incredible-edible-todmorden.co.uk ) There it has inspired lots of discussion about the importance of local food and supporting local businesses with many different groups in the community becoming involved. By choosing such public areas to plant up with fruit and veg, Edible Hexham has the potential to be a high profile Transition project .We hope to generate a similar discussion about food and community  in Hexham.

Can you help ? We need people to grow seedlings, propagate fruit bushes etc for March next year and to help plant in 2014.  We would also welcome a free source of manure or compost ! Please contact Sue , Richard or Rosemary on info@transitiontynedale.org if you can help. Or come to the next transition meeting on Sept 4th to find out more

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