Hexham Transition… The Fool Weeps Again

The fool realised the King needed to pay debts and fill his treasury…

The king’s no fool of course that’s why he hires a fool.stop-for-tea

So he said

“I appreciate you work hard and I give you things occasionally to encourage you.

So don’t worry about those who say do not consume…it is Christmas and you and my people are only human.

We need to have toys and more so we can generate money to pay for the pensions of those people who only push paper around.

Don’t get me wrong they need what they have too, we all need each other…in fact that is why we all have to help each other rather than wander off,and giving nothing to our local community.

Our Long lost deceased cousin Richard …”Coeur de lion” they called him. Well he spent most of his time spending and travelling elsewhere ,not working for his own country. Henry VIII one of our other predecessors he wasted too, and left us broke.

So let me tell you so you can tell everybody. I recommend you go out this Christmas locally to where you live and spend and have fun and make yourselves the best time you ever had, this will give wealth to your country for the future so we all can continue to give to others next year.

No more travelling 2000 miles to another country for a day’s shopping trip. We love you all and Our foolish friend loves you too. God bless you all. Your mate …the King.”

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