Making oblique-angled level crossings safer for cyclists

Warden level crossing: it doesn’t need to be hard lines if you get your cycle wheel stuck in the groove as has happened in the past.

Ideally cycle paths should be perpendicular to railway lines but this is not always the case. A new technique now fills the grooves in the rails, making it possible for cyclists to safely cross the tracks in a more oblique direction. This could be the answer for Warden!


This technique has been applied in the Amsterdam harbour area, in order to straighten out a previously created curve in the cycling path. The curve had previously been constructed to make a right-angled crossing possible for cyclists, resulting in a sharp turn. The curve has recently been straightened again, while a so-called Velostrail kit has been affixed to the rail grooves at the crossing. This consists of a rubber construction which fills up the rail groove. The wheels of passing trains will flatten the rubbery material, leading to wear and tear, but the material can be easily replaced. The solution has now been applied to all main train-bicycle crossings in the Amsterdam harbour area.

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