Discussing the Environment

All are welcome to a discussion group about the environment at the Forum Cinema Caférowan on Thursday 1st at 7pm. I am a 2nd year geography student at Lancaster University investigating the perception of the environment by individuals from community environmental groups, therefore my focus is upon Transition Tynedale. It would be great to get as many members of the group who are willing to discuss their perception of the environment and how it led them to become involved in Transition Tynedale. This discussion will also explore the political motivations as well as the group dynamics and environmental learning involved inside and outside the group. Through this discussion participants should be able to share each other’s knowledge of the environment leading to discussion of future environmental action, etc.

This is an opportunity to discuss your story with Transition Tynedale and learn about other participants experiences of the group and environment. I urge as many to come as possible as my aim is for at least 6 people.

I will also buy drinks throughout the evening for all who partake in the discussion!

Hope to see you at the discussion,

Rowan Jackson (Lancaster University)

Telephone: 07807753217


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