Hexham Transition… The Fool Weeps Again


The fool played out the game with county planning for six years. The fool realised he had been playing games with his band of supporters for many years. Finally pointing out that what he was doing did not harm anybody and it may just do some good ?

Well he then asked the king if he would tour with him. So the royal train visited Todmorden.

There it seemed that a group of people were just doing and stuff it worked. Children were learning how to live …disciplined and hard working and helping adults in
learning skills to live rather than rely on hand outs…hand ups or all the other stuff the kings bureaucrats offered. They found it worked . In Fact the king loved it and his son said they could go to his place and do it for him!

The king’s no fool of course that’s why he hires a fool.

So the fool said can I send a message out to others and the king said well yes…so 200 French Towns tried it and hundreds of others did too…but the king did find his
bureaucrats did not all like to be toyed with.

Some towns the fools told him would never allow themselves to change. Why would we ever want education …good food, an organised life??

Statistics prove education …good food….rest…and more…means less children, better skills, better discipline, more fulfilment in life for everyone so “why would we want that”…. said the fool? But privately he wept…..

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