Trip to ‘Incredible Edible’ Todmorden

A  trip is planned for the 15 June to Todmorden. This is an all day trip including a talk by the one of the organisers and tour of the town. Departs Hexham 8am., transport is free.

Todmorden is now famous for its innovative approach to town landscaping – ie fruit and veg, not flowers and shrubs , combined with some licensed ‘guerrilla gardening’ by enthusiastic volunteers. Everything planted is edible and free to all to pick and cook for themselves. The idea was to get people interested in growing their own – it certainly worked !

The initial edible gardening activities  have  now expanded to include all types of food, including eggs, food producer maps, school events and many more. We hope to learn all about the initiative, tour the town and get inspiration for Hexham and beyond.

To book a place please email by Monday 8 June to either :

Sue at : ,

or Richard at :

Please bring a packed lunch and drink or money to eat in town.

link to: Incredible edible

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