First step to Transition Tynedale Energy Descent Action Plan

Our first object (according to our articles) is,  ‘To create and help implement an Energy Descent Action Plan (EDAP) for Hexham and the surrounding area‘.  So far as I know we don’t have a plan as such (correct me if I’m wrong), and from one point of view that is laudable, we’ve been getting on and doing things rather than just taking and writing about doing things.  However I think its time to start writing, or at least planning, the plan.  And we have the wonderful example of Totnes’ plan to start with, and where we want to copy.  I would envisage this being done mainly by a small group of people, but inviting contributions from as many people as possible.  If anyone would like to knock around ideas for the form the Plan might take, and how we can move it forward, I’d be very happy to act as co-ordinator, or referee, at least for a time.

Roly Beevor

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