Headlines from the campaining discussion.


We had an excellent discussion themed of the following newspaper headlines, strap-lines and very short context statement.

Barbara will post her notes once complete.

Definition of campaigning is “an organized series of operations in the advocacy of some course or object” Chambers Dictionary.

These headlines do not represent my view but i have tried to grade them at levels of possible acceptability. We don’t want to get hooked on these headlines in the literal sense but would these headlines be good for Transition Tynedale to see in a local paper. The headlines were handed out on a folded slip of paper and read out in turn. The list below is not in order of discussion as I “shuffled them first”.

Survey reveals that Transition Tynedale has changed how Tynedale residents think about there life. Small actions by residents make a big difference to the local environment, resilience and less energy use in positive ways”

Are we already campaigning?

“in the news 50 years ago

Transition Tynedale is successful in its campaign to win Hydro seed money.

Already done!

Campaigned to get votes for the seed money for the hydro,


Northumberland is the greenist place to live, Transition Tynedale influences policy that all new houses in Northumberland will be constructed to the highest energy rating or be passive.”

Should we be involved in campaigning to change and form policy.?

NCC core strategy includes policy’s on sustainable building, allotments, energy saving, energy generation etc over the next 15 years.


Transition Tynedalehas a successful campaign to stop coal fired power station from being built. Mass demonstration halts plans for Coal power station near Corbridge”

Should TT wave banners and occupy gas power stations and pull up GM crops?


Northumberland County Council councilors vote to become a Transition area following the lead taken by Hexham town council’s partnership with Transition Tynedale”.

Should we have influence in local councils?

To enable change should Transition Tynedale engage with the Hexham Town Council, NCC and other bodies to make our profile stronger.


Roger Verdent says good food before power. Green party MP Roger Verdent asks Transition Tynedale to support the banning of biomass crops in Tynedale.

Does this mean we endorse any particular political party or MP, but what if a Green Party and Transition Tynedale member stood for the town, county council or MP?


Transition Tynedale does not support local farmers TT sits on the fence and does not issue a statement as poisoned ground water from fracking pollutes fields”

The often used statement “its up to the individual”, Should Transition Tynedale as a group take a stance and publicly state a view?

Transition have published a book “Communities, Councils & a Low-carbon Future” which is full of examples of campaigns and how to engage constructively with Local Government.

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