Go Local Food Ltd

Go Local Food Ltd is a cooperative based in the Tyne Valley. Their vision is a community owned farm to grow and rear food; there’s quite a journey ahead to make this happen but they are confident they can achieve this if they find members who want to be part of the trip!!

They have half an acre being farmed by a full-time grower, providing a share of the crops to members with another half an acre in preparation. Members are welcome to get involved on the field under the direction of the grower. Members will receive a weekly share of the crops throughout the growing season. A polytunnel has been delivered and will be built soon (spring 2013) which once up will help to extend the growing season – more polytunnels are all part of the plan so eventually veg production could be year round. They will be growing organically on the existing field but won’t be paying the £500 per year to register as certified organic – there may also need to be some non-organic management of any new land if persistent weeds are a problem. Members will be kept up to date on the growing decisions.

A great community spirit has developed amongst the members. There are currently (April 2013) 34 members, with space for up to 8 more. They also organise events to bring together local producers – the remaining events for 2013 are going to be held in Ovingham on June 29, September 21 and December 7; keep an eye on the website for more details. Some amazing local producers go along to sell their produce. Go Local Food are also developing a programme of fundraising events which will include social gatherings for the members.

There is an annual membership fee for the co-operative of £24 per year; there are then 3 membership options:

  • CROP-SHARE: £24 membership fee and £30 per month for weekly crop share
  • SOCIAL MEMBER: £24 membership fee and then access to all of the social events / helping out on field
  • WORK SHARE: £24 membership fee and then share of crop in return for 4 hours work on field per week – there will be 5 crop shares offered on a first come first served basis

If you would like any more information please

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