Core Meeting – 3rd April 2013

Only a small group were present for this meeting, largely owing to the school holidays. The meeting restricted itself to checking on progress on various projects.

Walled Garden

A suggestion had come from a Civic Society (HCS) member to develop the garden located in the grounds of the Golf Club (Spital Lane). The land, which had attracted interest at several points over the years, had potential as a community garden. Pat Caris of HCS would contact Gillian to discuss the best form of approach

Farmers’ Market

For 27 April we needed volunteers to man a stall in the Abbey Grounds (Food Festival) as well as the normal stall. The apple press could at least be a prop, but other types of food (to be offered for donations rather than sold) would be needed. Nettle soup was seen as a likely candidate. Gillain would check with David Stith of the Middle School regarding possible action and input.

It would also be good to have a board with a list of things that members have grown.

Energy Fair

(11 May: 10.00-16.00)

Again, volunteers were needed, from 08.00 onwards, and especially at the beginning and end of the day

Car Club Scheme

Cllr Kennedy had applied for funding for such a scheme as part of the local plan. A report would be needed from the Transport Group at the next meeting.


TT is now a Company Limited by Guarantee. Forms and other documents were needed to allow membership with a nominal payment of £1. The articles of association need to be finalised, prior to being filed with Companies House. Another meeting would also be necessary (after the next open meeting) to discuss these and related matters.

An important item for the next meeting, in May, would be a debate and decision on the nature of campaigning by TT – what the group does and does not do. It would be important to clarify what position, if any, the group could take as a group as opposed to a collection of individuals.

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