Annual Seed and plant swop stall – appeal for seedlings

As part of our efforts to encourage people to grow their own food we have,for the past 4 years ,  held a seed and plant swop stall at the Hexham Farmers Market in May.  Our 2013 stall is being planned for early June and we would appreciate any surplus seedlings – vegetable, fruit or flower – for the stall.

Despite the unseasonal weather now is the time to plant seeds, especially if you have access to a green house,- if not then just on the windowsill.  Even if you have no cover, hardy veg such as peas or broad beans can be sown in pots and left outside in a sheltered place to germinate in time for the stall. Please sow a few extra and bring them along to the stall to swop for others . Even experienced gardeners will find something unusual to swop with !

The exact date will be finalised at the next regular TT meeting and we will be asking for volunteers to help – in the meantime watch this space  and sow some seeds !

About suehick

A longstanding member of Transition Tynedale since its inception I am now residing partially in Singapore since my husband started working in 2011. Prior to this I helped start the community gardens at no 28 and HMS, the garden share scheme and the Farmers market stalls. I now follow TT work online and on holiday in England and am willing to help with online fundraising, grant applications etc - anything that doesn't need my physical presence !
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3 Responses to Annual Seed and plant swop stall – appeal for seedlings

  1. susan Hick says:

    The date has now been fixed – 25th May.
    The stall runs from 9 am – 1pm so please bring along your seeds etc in the morning. Volunteers always needed – this is a busy event so help for just one hour would be appreciated.

  2. Heather Charnley says:

    Hi, is the stall really set for 25th May, as that’s a Sunday!

    • suehick says:

      Hi Heather – no, this date was the 2013 date ! This year it is being held on Sat 10th May 2014 at the Farmers market as usual. Bring along any surplus of yours and find something new ! Hope to see you there…


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