Hexham Transition – The Fool Returns


The fool had old friends contact him this week… twenty years apart and more, and their experience in other parts of the realm are the same. So he said in court…

“Where troops return home they are killing themselves, We are all suffering, all towns say there is no money, and yet we keep these people fighting other people’s wars your majesty”… he told the king/queen.

It must cost in something more than lives?

“Even if people are expendable, could we not do something else with the money?”

The fool was told, “filling our mind with pleasant constructive thoughts is the best way to do things better for our country. Vote in a new group of people who can do that”.

But the fool said “well, is not “peace” a pleasant thought?”

“No” came the answer “that is unpleasant because it is something that can never happen!”

The Fool went back to reading “catch 22” as he drank his tea!

It tasted a little over brewed today!

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