Urban Agriculture on BBC i player (Radio 4)

Radio 4 Documentary on Urban Agriculture on the ‘Costing the Earth’ programme in the light of planned TT trip to Todmorden 18th May.

The Urban Farmers

Duration: 30 minutes

First broadcast: Tuesday 02 April 2013

Alice Roberts revisits the – quite literally – ground breaking ‘Incredible Edibles’ concept of Todmorden and finds that their inspiration has spread across the UK.

Wasteland throughout our cities is being turned into productive agricultural land. Forget roof top gardens, green walls and window boxes, what we’re talking about here is derelict, often hazardous brown field sites hidden within our urban landscapes that are now becoming a valuable link in our food chain. But that’s not all, in reclaiming this land whole neighbourhoods are being regenerated. No site is too small or too large. From back-alleys on terraced streets in Middlesbrough to acres of polytunnel-lined, disused railway banks in Bristol, these once unproductive – and often hazardous – plots are now feeding their communities via vegetable boxes and even restaurant supply chains.

With a little effort, could our cities really feed themselves? Could this be the answer to both our food security and the improvement of our urban environments?


2 thoughts on “Urban Agriculture on BBC i player (Radio 4)

  1. Hi ! I always listen to ‘Costing the earth” on radio4 – there are some really inspiring stories being told which prove transition ideas really can work. This ‘urban Agriculture’ programme is an excellent example , – and check out ‘Berlins big gamble’ on Jan 30th – how Germany is producing large scale renewable energy. It can be done !!

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