April open meeting will be in the Forum Cinema, Hexham

The monthly TT open meeting on 3 April (first Weds of the month) will be at Scott’s Cafe in the Forum Cinema, Hexham. Start time 7.30pm. Finish no later than 9.30pm, and more like 9pm.

As usual, the agenda will be decided on the night by those who come. At the start we pass round the agenda paper and a pen for people to add items. Quick introductions around the room and hearing from new attendees and new ideas/topics always come first. Then updates from ongoing projects, then AOB. 
A lot of the regulars are known to be away this week, so please feel free to come and keep Gillian company! Probably also a great time to pop along if you’ve never come before, or if you want to catch up on the back history of TT and our many projects and find there’s never normally time to ask those kinds of questions. Tonight will be a good opportunity!

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