The tale of Windy Nimby’s in my discussion group

(Transitioner: My voice is small and not noticed I wish my mates were here.)

Core Strategy Preferred options.

Renewable Energy Workshop

Policy 36: Large scale renewable and low carbon energy development

Policy 37: Large scale wind energy development

Policy 39: Small scale renewable and low carbon generation.

Time 1 hour

Facilitator: ok lets start discussing Policy 36

Windy Nimby: NO ! Lets start with what’s important, Policy 37

Facilitator: ok policy 37

Windy Nimby: Separation distances between wind turbines and residential properties………..Long discussion follows.

Transitioner: Hi people, if we had lots of small renewable’s we would need less wind farms and small people and small firms would benefit.

Windy Nimby:Did I hear a small voice! OH!!! its the transitioner, good idea, but the wind farms are here now… so lets get back to the subject, Health issues of a wind farm too close to my house!……….Long discussion follows….again.

Transitioner: Policy 39 ?

Windy Nimby:Did some one speak?? AH!! the greenie, What do people think of seeing wind farms from the Hadrians wall?.……….Long discussion follows….yet again.

Transitioner: Policy 39 Hydro, solor, heatpumps….. please

Facilitator: Times up!! sorry no time to discuss policy 39

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