Hexham Transition – The Fool Returns

The queen added last year.. the Localism act.stop-for-tea

First we have to persuade in all cases that the bureaucrats take up the reins of such law…

Aesop had a tale to tell when he spoke of ‘a wolf in sheepskin clothing’.

One wolf in the last few weeks was the planner who told us that the Railway goods yard was a tasteful and quality project for Hexham.

Look at the evidence…the best bits are being knocked down said the fool.

But look what we give you said the main sponsor…the fool heard a whisper.

There are no trees but there is an immense railway yard style, lit parking lot.

There are no bike and pedestrian facilities…and worse no thought that the town be connected up as a single new commercial centre.

What will happen the fool says when it is finished? If the build does not connect to the town then the town will not be connected… on a daily basis!…even a fool can see that! But hey 80 jobs are 80 jobs right! Well not really because Egger has 800 jobs only 80 of those go to Hexham residents…720 commute in daily from a distance by

This fool thought the localism act was supposed to build a resilient, self sufficient, self supporting, vital commercial, and viable community…and on that rating we just gave 8 jobs to Hexham residents…the fool asks how many we will loose to get them …or is that foolish?

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