Core Meeting – 6th March 2012

Apologies. Tim, Trevor, Kate & Pat
Present, Barbara (Chair person), Richard, Phil, Jo, Gillian, Debbie, Gunter, David, Daniel, Ross

Barbara opened the meeting by asking Daniel to explain his masters project.

Daniel informed the group that his first degree being in history.and his research was in town planning, city security, resilience and disruptive , failure of cities. He is interested in Climate change and a self directed research project was focussing on resilience where and where does it fit with town planning. He is hoping to carry out interviews with people involved in Transition. Other researchers had varied perspectives of Transition and he is looking for first hand experience of how such a group works. Barbara mentioned the structures meeting on the 26th March and thought this be interesting for daniel to attend. Daniel mentioned that he is looking to Observe and understand the applicability of values of Totnes and how they translate into the group in Tynedale. Richard mentioned that Prospect Hs is available on the 26th March and it was agreed to hold the meeting there. Ross commented that one researcher “Luke” had gained a valuable insight into TT by becoming totally involved in the projects.

Barbara moved the meeting on to Dukes House Wood

Jim gave a overview of the project as follows:

There is a meeting to be held on the 15th March and subject to that going well, they can move on to the development phase. the development phase has been progressing in the background but cannot be officially launched until the 15th March meeting outcome is known. A new dead line has been agreed with the estate for December 2013. Jim mentioned some of the promotional work such as a article in the Journal giving a heritage overview of the wood and what it means to local people. The Woodshed project is coming along, and painting is on the agenda for which TT help would be valuable. They have developed a Contingency plan and have been reassured by the general enthusiasm of the public towards the project. It may be that an ambitious collection / fund raising from the public would help to meet any financial shortfall. ISOS may have some funding for a program of workshops for Hexham east. The workshops would be for hands on crafts such as leather and wood crafts. The project would look at the social context of a craft lifestyle which may turn this project into a 12 month NVQ craft skills NCFE accredited course for up to 18 people. The Northumberland college may be drawing funding delivering courses from the woodshed. Part of the land between the woodshed and community gardens may be acquired and used a outdoor learning space. Jim then gave a resume of how the project got to this point.

Phil asked if the low number of trees meant that the wood was not commercially viable and on going maintenance costs . Jim commented that there would be up to 1500 tons of trees felled annually which is not commercial in the sense of felling on its own but he believed that with the strong management team now in place, subject to a successful outcome on the 15th all will be possible.

Barbara moved the meeting on to the Market Stall and this Saturdays main event which is Climate Change.

Debbie mentioned a quiz which she could let people have copies of and then moved on to present numerous copies of Transition Free Press, which she had been kind and foresighted enough to purchase out of her own pocket. They had cost 30p each plus postage and the cost of postal order. Gillian commented that we could not sell these but could ask for a donation. Richard proposed that we use reserve funds to acquire and distribute the TFP ongoing. Jim concurred and thought we should set up a mailing list. It was generally thought that Debbie should be reimbursed for her costs and hard work. Returning to the market stall, Peter will be sharing the stall on Saturday with Debbie to promote the market. Debbie asked the group what we are doing about Climate change on the day. Gillian commented that the stall was small due to sharing so we had limited space to highlight climate change in the space provided. A suggestions board could be set up on the stall. Debbie mentioned that Peter was keen for TT to have a stall on the 22nd April which is the eating fair with local recipes. Gillian asked if seedling swaps could be done on that day but Barbara and David thought there was some uncertainty due to the weather. We are also being asked to have a stall on the sele as well as the market which is stretching poor Debbie too far.

Barbara moved the meeting on to the Structures meeting on the 26th March

Gillian gave a brief outline, it will be a open meeting looking at the proposed structure of TT and what it means to be a director versus a member. `The TT structure is to bled the best of Transition movement retaining free flow and breakthrough whilst at the same time meeting the needs of the the business, its directors using the advise from Ann from Social T=Enterprise for Northumberland. A paper outlining what is to be discussed at the meeting will be on the TT web site next week.Ross commented that anyone can ask to become a Director if they so wish. The meeting will be in Prospect Hs at 7.30 pm.

Barbara moved the meeting on to the Energy Fair.

Phil began by updating the group as to current up take of stall holders, those committed and those emailed but not yet signed up.Gillian commented that the purpose of the Fair was to provide access for the public to talk to Energy providers on how best to address saving energy use in the home. The fair is a mix of providers, advisors and TT to inform the community what options are available to save energy in the home. Gunter mentioned the Farming community and asked if anyone had considered their needs. This is something Gillian was to take up with Gunter separately.


Richard gave a brief update on the closure of the bike shop. Discussions were on going with other support groups such as “whatBike ” and other social enterprises to bridge the gap of cycle support until a substantial newcomer could move into take on Bikes in Hexham. Richard emphasised a need for continuity of service provision for the community.

Barbara mentioned the Hexham Town Plan open for viewing on Monday the 18th March. Viewing is to take place at the Trinity church

Phil / Richard/ David touched on the Northumberland Core Strategy Plan now at its 2nd stage. A meeting is to be held tomorrow night ( please try to get there ) at Hexham Mart . A further meeting is to be held at Choppingham covering renewable energy, sustainable community and land use on te 11th March 11 am to 1 pm. Perhaps we can share transport is anyone is going?

Hexham Middle School Wed 13th March help needed from TT with gardening all welcome to come along. Megan mentioned that the toolshed will soon be completed. It was commented that the garden club meet every 3rd Saturday.

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