Let’s help keep renewable expertise in the region

Newcastle University has been awarded some funding from the European Regional Development Fund to encourage North East SMEs to recruit subsidised STEM Postgraduates to avoid the brain drain from the region.

The students are following masters and doctoral programmes in science, engineering, technology, agriculture and now need placements in North East SMEs to avoid them leaving the region. A large proportion of these students are following environmental based courses including Clean Technology, Renewable Energy Management and Engineering and Environmental Consultancy and are looking for placements to use their skills. The projects could encompass energy audits, design and development of new energy efficient processes and products, renewable energy feasibility studies, as well as general engineering, food marketing and design projects and last between 3-6 months. As these are registered students, each placement student has continuous supervision from a Newcastle University academic who will supervise the project and bring their expertise to the SME.The University is subsidising thes student employment costs by 50% hence the low salary rate and is also providing a grant of up to £500 to help with project set up costs.

Please publicise this project to any SMEs who may be interested as £125 a week for a masters student to conduct a bespoke in depth project is a good deal and could be cheaper than using a consultant. It would be a shame for all this expertise to leave the region.

More information contact Melanie through info@transitiontynedale.org or tel 0191 222 5259


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