Hexham Transition – The Fool Returns

Remember I confessed I was a foolstop-for-tea

And the next round.

This fool offers this…do not suffer him gladly…it keeps him hopping!

History related a few years ago another fool was invited to talk to a group of students.

He suggested feel good, failure free and politically…correct environments do not treat them well.

He suggested, life is not fair and they could work towards it…work.

The world did not care about their self esteem, it assumes you need to accomplish something so you feel good about yourself.

If you want the top salary and Perks you have to earn them. Cleaning gutters, picking rubbish, filling shelves is not demeaning, their grandparents saw that as opportunity!

One of the best was…if you mess up don’t whine about the mistake learn from it…Bill Gates said more…but then all fools do. Frequently too much, but that is not what makes them the fool.

This fool asks what changed when we all forgot we have to give in order to receive…accept not reject…perhaps John West was the fool in his adverts when he claimed his fish was the best because only the best was

Good enough and they rejected the rest. This fool suggests, less than good enough, could be a good place in life …when you know that truth for yourself?

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