Hexham Transition – The Hundred Foot Rule

Alright I confess …(and that is no religious statement)…no no no. I am a fool!stop-for-tea 

There it is and it is out in the open since at last now my Father has been dead nearly thirty years it is safe,

and yes I am a man, it is hard yet easy to be the fool…women say men have to have nice eyes and a sense of humour well how did I do..when your eyes are like mine grass hopper.

That last reference hints at my upbringing yes also I am a baby boomer and there is no greater fool than a Male baby boomer at least a few of us!

Do you know where the phrase “do not suffer fools gladly “came from?

Well in the good old days…you know before the age of the know it all “baby boomers”. Rulers used to have a “fool” around their court all the time. He lived well…sometimes she did…not paid but the wisest rulers paid them heed! needless to say they lived well.

The society we developed thereafter characterised them as having nothing to offer than a bladder filled with water and a few jokes.

But they gave more than that …in fact they gave everything and there were few as a result because the world is made up of those who give and those who take.The fool still to this day gives, and suffers in sensitivity for their offerings.

The fools are now like myself offering many things. I was brought up as a Boy Scout and the motto was “be prepared”.

So now for this next round of change our society is seeing,let me tell you a few foolish things.

Change has always happened …it always will…it is not new.It is not now something special brought on by limited oil resources,or any other thing which our imaginations can offer for change.No change happens,transition from one way of being to another can be hard or soft.the hard way comes when we are so entrenched in the old way that the new makes no sense,is not logical,or easy.

Of course change is not easy but is always necessary,so we have be loose be safe be open be prepared. The fool has an advantage …here in change ..he/she can see the need and. can offer means to do it softly.

But and there always is a but, they have to suffer the bombardment from the status quo why it cannot happen.That can come in Many forms.

This fool offers this…do not suffer me gladly…or else I will forget I am the fool.

100 feet from your space ,wherever you may be,try this.Take care of it.!

That is it!

Imagine not being the fool my dear friends,the readers herein. If you brush the public street outside your home, clean your neighbours drives after asking permission,clear gutters where ladders are safely arranged.Fix fences where you are not asked,clear road drains safely slowly and quietly…when nobody is watching!

Cut hedges open spaces to cultivate 100 feet from where you are when you can and do the same where you do business or even on the way…picking up litter …and on and on.

Imagine the resources the council,government and others would save!

Think of the resources available when you waste less food and other resources you formerly used up!

When you extend from you the change you would like to see then all those resources you dream of having,all those plans your friends want to achieve may just happen..

But remember do not listen to this fool! He walks inside a bubble a hundred feet wide! …and dreams of love And peace and harmony , just like the other foolish boomers!

Dr. Keith Belmont PhD

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