Cycling recognised

Cycling has been recognised in the New Year honours list with 2 knighthoods, 1 Dame and a mix of 11 other awards. Sir Dave Brailsford said:

“You could never have expected the surge of participation across the country a few years ago. Everyone is out on their bikes these days and if you’d have said that before I wouldn’t have believed you, with the scale that it has taken off.”

Just watch how these numbers increase when the Tour of France visits England for 3 days in 2014.

Let’s hope the UK vehicle drivers and local authority planners become more cyclist aware accordingly.  BTW: 80% of cyclists are also motorists and 98% of motorists still think they pay ‘road tax’ not understanding there is no such thing. FYI: Roads are funded out of normal taxation paid by everyone that pays tax – owners of road using vehicles pay Vehicle Exercise Duty according to how much pollution they cause.

Happy New Year to all – cyclists and not yet cyclists!

PS. Be seen on your bike in 2013 – riding it and visible!

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