Minutes 7 November

Minutes of the Core Group meeting held on 7 November

David chaired this meeting, which was attended by 17 people, including Cllr Derek Kennedy.


Research student Hugo Winn from Durham circulated a survey sheet as part of his study of attitudes and views of group members.  These forms were completed during the course of the meeting. Results of his study would be available to the group.


The minutes of the meeting on 10 October were approved.


Phil gave further information on the Energy Fair (11 May 2013), noting that the timing was very good in view of the start of Green Deal initiatives from January.  It also tied in well with the Middle School Environment Day planned for 13 March.  Schools in general would be a good target audience for the event.

On the Hydro project there was some discussion as to how far the group (as individuals) would wish to pursue letters to the press to rebut the very biased views recently expressed by anglers.  It was agreed that any comment should be factual, and ideally approved by those closest to the Hydro scheme; while a majority felt that it might be better not to pursue the issue.


Ted reported on the first meeting of this new group, with 17 attending and several apologies. A further meeting had been agreed for 28 November. The proposals for new walking and cycling routes mentioned in earlier meetings were progressing, albeit more slowly than first planned. Press coverage (Courant and Journal) had been positive.


There was no progress to report on the Car Club, but further contacts with Co-wheels would be made. Cllr Kennedy noted that he had asked the Council to include the Car Club (with EV) in its Transport Plan for 2013-14.

Action: Pat to email DK to ask for an e-map of EV chargers in the area.

HMS Garden

A meeting on 6 November had made plans for the next 12 months.  Another meeting earlier in the day (7th) had explored ways of promoting the garden, but it was recognised that we needed to be successful with labour input before any expansion of activity.  Links to the Middle School Environment Day (see above), and the Energy Fair would be made.

Market Stall

The next market presence (and last for the year) would be on 10 November.

Action: Debbie to liaise with Pat on TT involvement in the Community Partnership Fair (8 December).

Sue asked for ideas on where we might keep the material used for the Market displays, rather than transporting it by car every time.

Dukeshouse Heritage Woodland

Jim reported that following his meeting with representatives of the vendors he was quite confident that the community bid for the land would find favour.  If successful the project would be run by a Community Interest Company (CIC).  An operations base would be needed, and a site had been identified (the former Adult Training Centre opposite the Community Garden).  Such a base would also allow TT to have a permanent office, with other space available for community use.  Jim noted that a Visioning Day had been set up for 24 November (details to follow).

Edit: Visioning Day has been postponed to a later date TBC.

Richard saw this initiative as an example of how TT should act as a facilitator, encouraging action without necessarily trying to run or be deeply involved in each scheme.


Wendy circulated a draft set of accounts, to be presented to the AGM in December.  These were composite accounts for the period from 2008, but she confirmed that in future (especially in view of company status) annual accounts were needed: policies on accounting practice were therefore necessary.


  • There would be a second Cycling workshop on 8 December (Methodist Church Hall), with another to follow, ideally in the spring.
  • The Middle School would be holding a Christmas Fair on 24 November (14.00-16.00).  TT will look after a plant stall.
  • A visit to Todmorden had been agreed for 25 May 2013.  It was pointed out that the date was a Bank Holiday weekend, and a further check would be made on other dates. Whatever the final date there was a need to publicise the trip and generate interest.

Edit: Todmorden visit has been rescheduled to 18th May 2013

  • A suggestion was made that TT might organise or set up a shop to sell eco-goods, etc.  Various ideas were floated, but in view of the time the topic was deferred.
  • David was compiling a guide to making contributions to the blog.
  • Hexham Business Forum was re-launching its Hexham Loyalty Card, with various incentives given by local firms.   This chimed with the TT aim of local commerce, and was seen as an opportunity.

Next Meeting

Wednesday 5 December, at the Skinners Arms (AGM).

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