From field to fork: HEXHAM Mapping the local food web

Mick Marston has passed on this fantastic report on the local food web of Hexham and its surrounding communities. It’s a great piece of work and deserves a read, especially if you are interested in promoting local producers that contribute so much to our local economy.

For more information on Local Food Webs, check out the Campaign to Protect Rural England site.


“We are immensely grateful to Lara Marsh who coordinated the mapping projects in Darlington and Hexham. Lara inspired teams of local volunteers to support the survey work and wrote this and its sister report for Darlington. Lara was a committed, passionate campaigner who enthusiastically embraced the project especially the opportunity to interview equally passionate local producers. So much less would have been achieved without her. Lara was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 2011 and died in August 2012. This report is dedicated to her memory.”

From Field to Fork: Hexham.

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