“The Knitters go Clickers”

“The Knitters go clickers”

From the Transition Tynedale Newspaper 11th November 2090

The clicking of the needles of “The Real Realy Baggy Jumper Company” has increased. They are making even more iconic Baggy Jumpers.

The Real Realy Baggy Jumper Company was formed 40 years ago with support from TT to enable older skilled knitters and spinners to teach younger people the skills and art of making iconic historic baggy jumpers from the mid 20th century using local wool produced from the sheep on the North Pennine moors.

The company is a Co-op of 400 members including Knitters, Spinners, Administrators and Farmers.

The Company leader Denese Loow has informed TT that “The market has increased due to extra money being available from the Turn off the Heating Exchange Fund allowing a discount to be given to recipients of the fund causing an increase in demand”.

The company who wishes to increase its short term working capital is launching a one year short term community share being the value of 20,000 Hexham pound equivalents.

The community can contribute to the share using the old national GBP, Hexham Pounds, Skills Transfers (ST’s) by negotiation and local LET’s. The proportion of the total amount of the share will be 10% GBP, 10%, ST’s, 5% LET’s and 75% Hexham Pounds.

The GBP maximum has changed from 20% to10% under the new guide lines issued by the new Tynedale Community Council to improve local currency use. The change was proposed and supported by the TT council group.

The capital will be paid back at the end of the year in Hexham pounds and the 4% interest will be paid in social capital into your Social Credit Account.

The working capital will be used to increase  wool purchase, extra spinning wheels; and to give support to the Tynedale Cycle and Pony Express who are a community network of low carbon carrier’s .

Denese Loow said “We are pleased to confirm appointment of the Tynedale Cycle and Pony Express allowing us to reduce our present energy footprint by 70%. replacing the former carbon intensive carrier Oily Oley”.

The initial support to the Tynedale Cycle and pony Express will be in the form of ST’s, therefore ST’s in the form of cycle maintenance, pony care, the manufacture of pony tack and implementation of an I.T. Goods tracking package will be accepted as part of the one year short term community share.

So if you require a Real Realy Baggy Jumper that’s really warm or you are in receipt of Turn off the heating exchange funds then contact Denese Loow and she will help you with that warm feeling!!.

David G

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