Energy Group Meeting 1st Nov 2012

Energy Group MinutesLocation Ash House, Ash Close, Highford Park Hexham.Present:  Debbie, David, Geof, Mark, Gwen and Phil

Action items from previous meeting:

1..Local renewable energy traders to be invited to come to demonstrate their systems (Lewis and Debbie to contact previous firms who attended, and update the  list with traders new to the market.
A contact email has been drafted,  says Debbie

Trade fair,  David says levelling the playing field each local installer competing to get custom.  Unfortunately, Tim was not present so although we felt the trade fair was a good idea, it needs championing  but it was felt there was not enough energy or time to comit.

Contacts for trade exhibition, suggested to call Kingspan solar tracking panels a Penrith company who won Kingscross station order,  see Cumbrian news says Mark.

2..Possibility of short films and children’s activities on the Friday before the fair, along with charity groups, as a build up for Saturday. (Phil to investigate suitability for schools. especially considering the time of year we have chosen)..action agreed?

Big box using recycling for . Find out about school enterprising . Mark suggested that we should get a poster on how to save energy and aim it at every level for the school children. Energy saving ideas, Small gets ideas says Debbie. Energy generation versus savings getting the message across how to promote. to hard up house holds.
Mark could exhibit paper logs production and  involve the kids on Friday. 25p commercial recycling not buring coal ash straight on the garden. Mark has 2 log machines tera up paper wet it and form into logs.  Log makers ebay £16.

Emily joined the meeting, and mentioned “Eco Schools Award” there are  9 topics schools have to be seen to do something. Energy is tricky for the teachers, Emily thought that to design the logo was good and posters also. we discussd the 2 day event, Friday or Saturday? Friday would be difficult , transport problems for kids to and from the fair, is it the responsibility of school? if so,  a  risk assessment is needed, a problem whereas on Saturday children would attend with parents which is a better proposition for the teachers. Need someone to promote the idea to go to assembly to get the kids motiviated. Telling teachers and get their commitmnet. Set as home work . The top 10 entries could be judged, should the schools do the wider assessment? It was suggested that prejudging in each school would be best  so those childern  that cannot get to the meeting can get to see the design judged. It was thought that up to 6 or 7 schools may get involved in the energy fair. In the past, only 3 or 4 schools took it up, some did displays. Could have a schools area in the Energy Fair, on the day says Mark, design a poster about future use of energy and how to save energy. 5 posters to go forward from the school to the fair. If the school childern were to design the Logo,  it must be done much earlier.

On the day of the Energy Fair ( EF) there is a market day, and we should emphasise the EF presence on the stall, it was suggested from past EF’s a sandwich board person was used to help promote on the day. Any takers?? How to engage the public, to help promote the energy fair Jo Bell Prudhoe. Isos could have a stall, Some one needed to contact Jo?? Social housing is 1 grade higher on fuel efficiency saving than private housing, said David.

Ask ISOS how to get on the flyer that goes out periodically to promote the fair. Debbie to contact.

Poster competition story in Courant TT has asked the local schools. Logo is this possible ?? poster for the day? only 1 person gets a logo prize. Mark has experience on a specification for a poster based upon air ambulance. hopefully could come up with a campaign

DECC should have a stall on the day to explains the Green Deal.

Local individuals to come along and give a talk about their experience with renewable energy (David can call on 12 people who have installed solar panels, and an air source heat pump has been installed at Twice Brewed) ..action agreed?


Wind Turbines
From Gillian: With regard to the ‘wind campaign’ idea, I come back to my own personal conviction that Transition is not about campaigning, but about doing. There are also quite a number of TTers who are opposed to wind turbines,

Energy fair

Primary purpose of the energy fair is to demonstrate to people what they can do around their own home. Need to tie in with the Green Deal, and to be able to pass on accurate information about the Green Deal, which has a points system with regard to improvements already carried out.

Traders’ Forum: we plan to contact the traders about the fair before Christmas, and offer a seminar with renewables experts to familiarise them with the latest technologies. This would be in March, with the fair itself in May

items to be clarified from last meeting

Community buildings do they get the FIT?   …….unfinished

New trading estate are the buildings facing the right way towards the sun? New point worth asking the council but who??

Abbey not an option iconic building advantage is showing leadership. May feel more secure now the court building has been sold…Can anyone ask the church governing body? Who do we contact?

Quality Objectives statement:

Mission statement to be clarified: words used “campaigning group sustainability and councils work with and cagole local government localism act give tt power.  community push ” must fit in with ethos of the TT general need further guidance.


Other business

Could we get a video on the Forum cinema as advert for the fair. Web site maybe for the fair. Inconevient truth, end of suburbia, peak oil. David to ask Tamsin about possibility of adretising. There is a sidenroom at the methodist church where we could set up viewing.  Facebook page home page to build the traffic. David is to ask Pat if we can link to facebook from tt web site.

Next meeting:

29th November 2012

One thought on “Energy Group Meeting 1st Nov 2012

  1. HI sorry not been able to attend any Energy group meetings recently. I was wondering if you needed any suppliers for the Energy Fair. In my present role I am a meeting a few renewable energy suppliers and so was checking to see if you were going to have exhibitors this year and if so if you had your full quota

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