Thoughts on the Cycle meeting

The cycle meeting last night was a breath of fresh air held in the Skinners. Warm, Quiet and good beer.

Ted and Paul lead the meeting with their differing styles.

Ted with a laid back history of cycling initiatives in Tynedale both successful and not so successful over the last 15 years.

Contrasting with Paul’s enthusiasm for the subject about cycling for health gains, sustainability, families, social aspects and other numerous benefits.

The discussion was wide ranging including routes, shared space in town, how people use the roads, off road cycling, cycling to school, confidence on the road etc.

The general geographic thrust was all of Tynedale starting with Hexham and Prudhoe.

It was agreed to go forward under the TT banner and at the next meeting, to decide a name for the group, formulate a “road map” of short term easy gains, medium gains and long term gains.

It was good to see Judy Loyd , Derick Kennedy and Ann Dale,  local counselors, present and taking and active role. I had a discussion with Judy about TT and its way of working and the fact that we are now a company which increases TT validity as a main stream group.

A very important spin off was a comment by the Landlord of the Skinners, “you have doubled our takings tonight”, that’s what I call supporting local enterprise.


David G

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