Energy Group Meeting – 5th October 2012

Transition Tynedale – Energy Working Group Summary of meeting on 5th October 2012

Present: Debbie, Gillian, David, Phil, Lewis

Apologies:  Tim

Small projects

Phil spoke of difficulty in identifying small low cost projects of an energy nature that could be grown from”grass roots”. The need for CE mark, ISO, WEE Regs  and safety were obstacles for any device.  Looking for help from the Transition Research Network for any guidance. David commented that TRN was in its infancy so it’s likely to be some time before any assistance will come from there.

Electricity monitors

There are  50 monitors altogether and their present locations are:

23 with Green Ovingham, of which 6 sub-lent to Riding Mill and 6 to Crawcrook
6 with Debbie for use around Hexham/from market
Remaining 21 at 28 Derwent Road.

Thermal imaging camera use was discussed: it may be that we ask Northumberland for training and use of a camera  for a period during winter months.
We discussed the Greening campaign (which we had decided not to subscribe to) and the possibility of introducing a similar scheme of our own, with a pledge card to stick inside windows, with energy-saving suggestions to tick on the inside.

The Hydro Scheme

Gillian updated us.

Energy Fair

Provisionally booked for May 11th 2013 at the Trinity Centre

Areas of work to be undertaken by the group:
Trade exhibitors
Non trade exhibitors
Stewardship or organisation
School contributions/ displays

Ideas from the meeting were:

Local renewable energy traders to be invited to come to demonstrate their systems (Lewis and Debbie to contact previous firms who attended, and update the  list with traders new to the market. The aim is to promote northeast firms as well as encouraging local people to install renewables).

Local individuals to come along and give a talk about their experience with renewable energy (David can call on 12 people who have installed solar panels, and an air source heat pump has been installed at Twice Brewed)

Possibility of short films and children’s activities on the Friday before the fair, along with charity groups, as a build up for Saturday. (Phil to investigate suitability for schools. especially considering the time of year we have chosen).

Primary purpose of the energy fair is to demonstrate to people what they can do around their own home. Need to tie in with the Green Deal, and to be able to pass on accurate information about the Green Deal, which has a points system with regard to improvements already carried out. Trade will be selling generation, whereas non-trade will be focusing on saving. We agreed it was very important to include that aspect of reduction in energy use. as many people won’t be in a position to take advantage of the Green Deal.

A big difference between the earlier and later energy fairs was the standard of presentation from traders, which improved dramatically as time went on.

Traders’ Forum

we plan to contact the traders about the fair before Christmas, and offer a seminar with renewables experts to familiarise them with the latest technologies. This would be in March, with the fair itself in May

Sundog solar panels feed in tarif hugh demand of the exhibitors

Time could be good for the fair

Renewable heating centres

community buildings to they get the FIT? Commercial have it but domestic unsure?

Church roof s facing south ideal for solar panels

Abbey not an option iconic building advantage is showing leadership. May feel more secure now the court building has been sold

Next meeting

Scheduled for the 1st November 2012

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