WordPress musings

The new blog is going great. There seem to be a great mix of posts covering a great range of subjects from apple pressings to cycling.

In fact, I am so used to the blog that I have not missed the “old” web site at all with its dead forum that got loads of spam. The wordpress system filters out spam.

The word press is a forum that’s “in your face” so you get the latest news from several different people so I see the blog as a  “communicating community” that enhances the monthly meetings. We don’t have to “catch up” with all that’s happened since the last meeting.

The average number of hits per day in one month have almost doubled. We now have had hits from 26 different country’s the highest none UK  country being Singapore, ( ummm, I wonder who that may be?).

Total hits 2,071, 40% approx of those hits are from search engines which will be a mix of TT people and complete strangers.

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