Why cycle?

Cycling has many benefits – from being an efficient use of space to helping combat climate change.

The benefits of cycling are numerous amongst which ……

It’s a cheap and reliable way of providing mobility for large numbers of people and money spent on providing better cycling conditions has a beneficial effect on all transport users. Top-quality cycle routes can be built for a fraction of the price of many road schemes.

Cycling makes efficient use of space which is at a premium in most towns and cities. Road capacity is increased perhaps tenfold if bikes are used instead of cars and some ten cycles can be parked in one car space.

Cycling is good for the environment: With the increasing concern over climate change, energy conservation is now a priority in most countries and it’s worth noting that a cyclist can travel about 500km on the energy equivalent of a litre of petrol. Furthermore the fuel a cyclist uses – food – can be locally grown and cycles use very little fossil fuel – just a little oil from time to time! Of course, food production does involve fossil fuels, as does manufacturing cycles, but less than in manufacturing motor vehicles. A cyclist also produces far fewer carbon emissions, is almost noiseless and produces no pollution.

Cycling is good for safety because it reduces road danger from traffic.

Cycling is good for community life: Cycling has a civilising effect on communities and provides the means for all age groups to gain /enjoy independence for little outlay.

Cycling is good for the body: Regular cycling reduces body weight, tension and the risk of heart disease. The average cyclist lives longer than the average non-cyclist. It also makes people more efficient at work. People who cycle regularly have an average fitness level of someone 10 years younger.

Cycling can mean faster journeys: The vast majority of short urban journeys can be made faster by bike than any other way.

Cycling is good because it brings economic impact: Cyclists spend money; recreational cycling and cycle tourism bring valuable income to a variety of relevant businesses.

Cycling is fun: People who are having fun unselfishly are usually good company and are generally happier people.

“When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope seems hardly worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a good spin down the road, without thought of anything but the ride you are taking”.

Arthur Conan Doyle

One thought on “Why cycle?

  1. Thanks for the link to Dutch cycling development. Perhaps the video (link below) should have a showing at the town planning meeting. I got the impression at the last meeting, cycling was for the kids instead of main stream transport. Some would argue with the hills around Hexham, cycling is less desirable but for me and with the advent of the electric bike for the less able, there is every need to treat cycling as main stream transport. For some ladies I know there is still a problem of getting their hair all messed up when travelling to work. Status has also been quoted as a reason for refraining. We need to show cycle cats r cool and car dogs drool queueing for fuel.
    Cant quite get that to rhyme..
    As well as dedicated cycle paths employers need to look at changing facilities and bike parking at the place of work. The council could take a lead ..


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