Hi, I’ve undertaken to blog about cycling on behalf on Transition Tynedale and my first post is to point to two excellent cycling development websites. The first one reveals how Holland became a truly cycling-friendly country and the second on is a brief account of how Oregon USA became cycle-friendly. Both are eye-openers – just how good would it be if the UK followed a similar route. Cycling has never been more popular in the UK and its still rising so we must keep up the pressure and never give up hope.      


4 thoughts on “Cycling

  1. Hi Ted
    Good to see you posting. The cross post from your comment on the Dutch post is great. (scroll up for the artical).
    As you may know I have just returned to cycling after giving up sailing. The thing I find strange is the situation of Corbridge. Only 2 bike racks outside the cycle shop none in the market place, (are these for public use or overflow from the shop), so I have to use the benches in the Market Place OOOPS perhaps its a crowded car park!! this is on a National Cycle route which can be very busy.

  2. Brilliant video about the Dutch story ! Every councillor, MP , and voter should see it too. Just shows what can be done if the political will is there – we need to make it happen here too.

  3. My suggestion is – if you can’t see a cycle rack -ask for it! The more people who ask / write for cycle racks the more racks shops and councillors will provide. It works !!

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