Paths for Communities (P4C)

A new grant scheme called ‘Paths for Communities’ (P4C), run by Natural England, offers grants of £5,000 to £150,000 to communities to create new routes that will bring social or economic benefits e.g. improved road safety, tourism opportunities, a missing access network link, to the local area.

The scheme began in May this year and runs until the end of March 2014. For more details of this £2 million scheme – see

If you know of a footpath or a route with no known classification that would bring community benefit if it was upgraded to bridleway then please let me know even if the likely cost will be below the minimum £5000 as the approach we are taking in Northumberland is to assemble clusters. Horse riders, walkers and mountain bikers in the region are working together. Please contact Ted Liddle via

Ted Liddle

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