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“No peak to oil”? Rob Hopkins, founder of Transition Movement, responds to George Monbiot.

Have you read this article.

My initial comments are:-

Has George Monbiot become a oil magnate? The main issue for me is the amount of greenhouse gas that has to be produced to extract and process tar sands. As the maxium production is around 3.8 million b /day where as consumption is 90 million b /day and if conventinal oil is declining at 1.5 to 3% per year then we are declining for 2 or 3 years while tar sands etc come on line. The oil supply will stand at the same amount for 2 years then decline again with more greenhouse gases being produced for less oil produced today.
The Monbiot article does not even mention the conversion rate from tar sands oil to fuel which is not very efficient ( Bad EROI Energy Return On energy Invested).

The driving force, in my opinion, is the USA and the West as they can afford this $ expensive fuel at the disadvantage of the 3rd world due to higher prices and the effects of climate change which will effect them first.

The Book By Shaun Chamberlin “The Transition Timeline for a local, resilient future.” covers the above comments. The book also has several peak oil climate change timelines and how to draw up an Energy decent plan for your town and area.

David G

2 thoughts on “George Monbiot

  1. Have just read the original article and in a nutshell he states that the price of oil is so high that record investment in unconventional oil is running at 0.5 trillion per year. The politicians are going all out for oil.
    Monbiot does not mention the global warming co2 emissions or the energy and water requirement at all.
    But he does say, due to the politicians attitude :-
    “But right now I’m not sure how I can look my children in the eyes.”

    David G

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