Milestone for the TT blog

Hi All

Tomorrow the TT blog should have its 1,000th hit.

Thanks to all for looking, We have had quite a few visits via a link to Transitions North blog via the Hydro article which has helped in the last 5 days (average 21 hits a day!!!). A blog allows networking to happen between groups as most blogs can be followed via email or using a RSS feed to alert you of new posts. I use a web browser called Opera that has an integrated RSS feed reader. Firefox and Seamonkey has several addons. Microsofts internet explorer 7 and 8 also now has the facility to read Rss feeds.

To post a comment look at the past post on how to post a comment which I have re-bloged. (reposted).

Comments are useful for feed back and a place to put ideas about posts for discussion.

David G

PS Hexham car club seems to be a popular post.

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