Proposal for Transition Tynedale Monthly Meeting

Debating amongst ourselves at the our monthly get together is the mechanism for re-inforcing each other, generating new projects, and in so doing opening opportunities for people to act inside and outside of their own domestic sphere. Which brings me to the point that we need leaders and people to develop their leadership skills amongst us and in my opinion we should not be too heavily dependent on any single individuals.

I have enjoyed copping out of chairing our meetings and letting Ross and Gill take on the responsibility every month but we are now in the situation where they have both been so successful some other individuals have the chance to develop their leadership skills in the safety of our TT monthly meeting. There are a number of people who with some encouragement could do this. Therefore; I suggest that we make a rota for different people to sign up to facilitate the monthly meeting.

We have the standing Agenda and usual format that gives the meeting its basic structure and we are after all friends working together, not competing for control. To begin this process we could put up a calendar for people to sign up to facilitate the meeting, giving everybody the chance to have a go without the daunting possibility that they might end up feeling responsible for chairing the meeting for the next five years.

This would be a different function from the chair person of the incorporated company who would have to formally chair the company AGM.

What do you think?

Barbara Grundey

3 thoughts on “Proposal for Transition Tynedale Monthly Meeting

  1. I agree that the chairing of meetings by different people is a feasible option to reduce the work burden on a chairman. In fact that was the case in our earliest TT meetings many years ago! The practice of using different people has continued for taking minutes but has lapsed recently for the chairing of meetings – probably because Ross and Gill were the best.
    However it must be recognised that a chairperson does much more than chair meetings. He / she is called upon to speak at various events, put the TT perspective to committees etc, and is often the first person to be asked for advice, opinion . I feel this is the most important and onerous duty of a chairman and it is important to elect someone who is happy doing this.
    There are a lot of changes coming to Hexham in the near future, ( eg the proposed rail yard plans) and we need someone who can put over ‘transition’ views and emphasis the need for local solutions and sustainability. I feel that ‘transition’ has moved beyond encouraging individuals to change their lifestyles and onto influencing our local councillors and their policies. We need a chairman who can help us do this.

  2. Hi Sue
    I agree with your comment..
    We need a chair for the company function and to present us.
    Does Sue know of anyone who would be willing to take this role on??
    As most events and functions we are represented at, are group specific, (Garden, Energy etc), then the best representative is the leader of that group within transition tynedale.

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