We need to make a succession sowing of lettuce so three weeks ago we bought a £ 1.30 packet of lettuce seeds and sowed them in a seed tray and placed it in one of our mini greenhouses.

The plants are now large enough to prick off. We fill some seed trays with general purpose compost.

I find that the dibbers you buy in a garden center are to big so we use a thin piece of cane.

Firm down the compost and you are ready.

Loosen a seedling woth the dibber HOLDING the leaf not the stem, if you break the stem the plant is dead.

Make a hole in the newley filled seed tray and push in the roots using the dibber then push in some compost.

Here is the finished tray

The figures are seed 1.30 Compost 3.00 total 4.30 Seedlings pricked off 365 If we are sucessfull in growing them all its 1.8p each. As this was a big batch we have given 100 away and the remaining plants will be use in our garden shares.

Finished tray

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