Community Garden Update

Saturday was another work day down at the community garden. We had about 2-3 hours weeding and planting seeds in rain and sunshine. Just look at how green this photo is – nothing needs to be watered here!

We made good use of some onsite twigs as supports for the peas and mange tout, and laid out carrots, parsnips, and a mix of salad leaves in the raised beds. The potatoes have run away in the lower beds, but we covered over those that we could.

The strip of land next to Di and Jims is seriously weedy though. Perhaps we need a weed bashing party to tackle them.

The fruit trees are coming along nicely. Very healthy. But the espaliers need a bit of T.L.C. I wonder if we should leave them this year and do some careful pruning in Autumn to get them back on track.

It all ended with a picnic as Kate and Debbie returned with provisions from the Farmers’ Market. And the Sun came out as well.

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