Plant Swap Day at Hexham Farmers’ Market

Saturday was a glorious sunny day, and another successful Market Stall for Transition Tynedale, as a team of enthusiastic TT members took turns to run the annual plant and seedling swap.

Children (and grown-ups) were invited to make their own seed pots out of newspaper, using a clever wooden gadget. This year we had an extra 3 pot makers, as after last year’s event, a local wood turner generously spent a frustrating day turning them on his home lathe. He said it was an interesting experience, but not one he intended on repeating! If you wish to get one yourself, then they should be  available at your local garden centre.

Using the self-made pot, visitors could then plant up a pumpkin to grow on at home. Come October, we’ll be having a follow-up competition with a prize for the largest pumpkin.

Finally, the beautiful pots were carried home in handmade newspaper bags, made by Debbie this time, but with instructions on how to do it yourself inside.

As the weather has been so weird this Spring, and seedlings have been set back with the downturn in temperatures, Debbie said we’d be running another seedling event on June 9th. Can’t wait…

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