Hexham Hydro wins £100,000 !!!

Hexham Hydro came first in the Energy Share competition and has secured £100,000 to further the project. This will include having detailed plans drawn up and carrying out a full environmental impact survey. We are all very excited and looking forward to working towards Hexham having a hydro scheme that will act as a model for other towns and which will produce sustainable energy for years to come and much needed income for the town. A huge thankyou to everyone who voted.

Please go to the the Hexham Community Partnership hydro webpage for more information on the scheme.

About suehick

A longstanding member of Transition Tynedale since its inception I am now residing in Catton while my husband works in the far east. I helped start the community gardens at no 28 and HMS, the garden share scheme and the Farmers market stalls. I now work mainly with Edible Hexham to show people how easy it is to grow their own veg.even in small spaces.
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